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Meadow Mania

Meadow Mania

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Meadow Mania supplied the seeds for our Flower Power Day.

William Evans started MAS nearly 25 years ago. It is now run by his son Tim Evans and his wife Lynn.

William Evans started his first seed business in the 1950ís and both generations have been involved in supplying agricultural, amenity and wild flower seed across the UK for many decades.

This almost unrivalled experience gives us the confidence and experience to offer a wide range of mixtures designed largely by ourselves that are suitable for all of the UK.

Unlike many web based businesses the wild flower mixtures that we supply have been designed by us and have been grown successfully by our customers across the UK for over 20 years. All the wildflower seed we use is from native UK stock.

Because we produce the wild flower mixtures ourselves rather than sell pre packaged seed we are happy to consider changing the mixtures or adding other species if required.

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