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Honey Is Really Good For You

Date Added: 26-01-2010
Category: Information About Bees & Conservation

Honey is made by bees. They collect nectar from the flowers and blossom on the trees and chew it! This turns it into honey which is sweet and makes a good substitute for sugar, which can be very bad for you.

Because honey is made from flowers it can help reduce the effects of Hay Fever if taken over a long period of time because of the nectar taken from the flowers it helps develop some immunity to the effects of flower pollen in the summer.

MANUKA HONEY is a special type of honey from New Zealand, where the bees are able to take nectar from the Tee Tree and Manuka Bush. Tee Tree and Manuka nectar has the property of being ANTISEPTIC which means it helps to kill germs. You can eat Manuka Honey and it helps when you are feeling poorly, especially with colds and flu type problems.

Manuka Honey can also be used as a dressing on a wound. Because it kills germs, you can put it onto your skin, and it helps to heal the skin and keep out nasty bacteria that could cause the skin problems. In Manchester Doctors are using the honey on Cancer patients who have mouth and throat cancer. They have also been using the honey coated wound dressings in the hospital since May.

If Bees are so important to our health, we must help the bees survive. At the moment they are in danger, and many bee colonies are dying!

Bee Keepers in Somerset have asked the Government for extra cash to help save the bees. The funds will be used to research solutions into Bee Colony losses, which have drastically reduced the number of bees across Great Britain.

Bees pollinate 35% of all our food! Without the bees we would not have the variety of food that we enjoy today.

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