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Date Added: 07-07-2010
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BeeHello Busy Bee Members,

Did you know that honey is believed to have healing powers yes it can help to make you better because it has antiseptic properties. This means that it can kill germs on your skin, when you graze your knees, or have a wound that becomes infected.

There are special honey-coated dressings that you can get to put onto wounds to help prevent infections. The good thing about honey is that it is all natural, no nasty chemicals that might cause you to have other problems.

Some people take antibiotics when they have an infection, and they work very well. However, in some people, who might have taken lots of them, they stop working and so the patient finds it hard to get better.

Honey is now being used in some medical trials that is they are experimenting with some patients in a Manchester hospital, and in other hospitals around the country to see if honey can really help some patients get better.

Honey has been used as a medicine since the Ancient Egyptians who regarded it as a cure for many illnesses. They have found jars of honey when they have excavated Egyptian tombs, and believe it or not even though it is 3000 years old it is still OK to eat!

When you eat honey regularly it can really help some allergic conditions such as hay fever because the pollen from the flowers collected by the worker bees help to protect your immune system and you build up a resistance to the effects of the pollen in the air which causes the hay fever symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and feeling unwell.

So boys and girls this is Bee Busy, saying enjoy your honey, especially if it is local honey as this is much better for you than supermarket honey, find a local bee keeper, or go to a local farmers market, and have some honey as often as you can- YUM!

Bye bye for now I must buzz off back to the hive to make some more honey with all this lovely nectar I have collected. Bee busy!

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